It’s Giving Tuesday! Time to GIVE Back

Today and tomorrow for ​Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, while you’re shopping the many deals, please consider making a donation to one of the many organizations linked below or any other organization for that matter.  While we may volunteer or make donations monthly or once a year, these organizations are doing work EVERY DAY  to support the members of our community who need it the most. They need support and resources to keep their doors open. Tuesday is giving Tuesday!  If you can,   Let’s surprise some of these organizations with a little donation. Every cent matters and nothing is too small.

Not too sure who to give to? Here are some suggestions of organizations and enterprises that we love because of the work they are doing in the diaspora!

Trinidad and Tobago

We are so impressed with the work of the CARIBBEAN FASHION AND ARTS FEATURE FESTIVAL and the work they are doing at East Yard. Check out our blog post on their work. This year we provided small support to CFAFF’s ILLUSTRATE –  Arts Impact Initiative to End Violence – a six-month intense program for youth aged 15-25 that works to reveal the power of expression to uplift and transform through the use of visual arts. This program offers guided facilitation employing principles of communication, connection and transformation through the use of visual arts while holding a safe and non-judgmental space for youth to freely express their creativity and share experiences.

This year we provided a bursary for a student to participate in Mo’Girls! in Trinidad. What is Mo’ Girls, Exactly? Mo’ Girls  (a play on the word ‘moguls’) is an empowerment through entrepreneurship programme for girls ages 8-16.   A social enterprise,  founded in 2016 by twinpreneurs, Melissa Matthews and Michele Matthews-Morancie  Mo’ Girls aim is to boost girls’ self-esteem, help them cultivate an attitude of limitless possibility, creativity, and innovation as well as facilitate an environment of connection, support, and teamwork through principles of business and entrepreneurship.

I’m loving the work of the Alliance of Rural Communities
“Supporting Agricultural Communities” (aka ARC SAC) offers local, organic produce to be delivered to your home or office every fortnight from communities such as Matelot, Cushe, and Brasso Seco (in Trinidad). In addition, we try to include a processed product made entirely of locally grown products. They are steadily creating a space where customers are not just consumers but are allies, where you can access locally made natural products utilizing zero-waste models (with emphasis on rural producers) so you can feel great about supporting your health, your country & your environment!
For more information email ARC TT

Nature Seekers
Home of the Turtle Warriors craft program that recycles glass from the beaches of Trinidad, Turtle protection, turtle watching tours ​and beach and forest conservation education. We will always support the work of Nature Seekers who are promoting conservation and sustainable Eco-tourism in Matura, Trinidad.

The New Fire Festival
We’ve been watching this enterprise because we love their value of promoting sustainability. New Fire Festival is a sustainable outdoor festival experience that promotes a non-exclusive (open door) philosophy. They believe “that developing the culture, art and creative products of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean can facilitate the development of a confident and resilient people with the ability to transform our society into a positive example to the rest of the world”. We love the concept!!

Aims to direct resources to uncommon solutions for a vibrant and healthy Trinidad and Tobago. They believe that solutions to issues in Trinidad and Tobago (the 868) will not come from the same thinking and approaches of yesterday, but from passionate citizens who are bold enough to address problems in new and daring ways. Look out for a launch of their fundraising platform in the coming months!

​The Well Project

The Well Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to change the course of the HIV/AIDS pandemic through a unique and comprehensive focus on women and girls. The Well Project’s award-winning web portals reach millions of visitors each year from all over the world. As HIV continues to affect women and girls in the Caribbean, we are proud to support access to accurate, updated information on living with HIV.

Washington, DC
The Cultural Academy for Excellence (CAFE)

CAFE is a youth-based program which uses the performing arts as the catalyst to develop the passion and discipline for learning, leadership and academic achievement.  

Natural Disaster Relief

This year we saw some devastating natural disasters across the globe. The one that hits closest to home for me were the floods in Trinidad, but most recently we also saw some devastating fires in California. Please consider supporting and organization working to support relief efforts for families affected by these disasters!

For Flood Relief in Trinidad:
Support Habitat for Humanity Trinidad and Tobago!

Donate to the BAHS DC Alumnae who are hosting this fundraiser to support students and teachers of BAHS who were affected by the floods in Trinidad.Donate here! 

For The California Fires:
The Northern California chapter of the United Way is accepting donations to provide emergency cash and other forms of emergency assistance to those who lost their homes in the Camp Fire.

In general, Because I love their work! Doctors without Borders

Building a strong Caribbean diaspora community requires philanthropy, sharing and looking out for each other. Do you know of other Caribbean diaspora organizations that are making a difference? share them in the comments. Also, who will you be giving to for Giving Tuesday?




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