Why we love Sew Lisa sew much


Lisa Gittens, is a cup of naturally sweetened coconut yogurt on a warm, sunny day. She is a cool breeze, and a light drizzle; a budding orchid and the shiny pink colour of grapefruits. Sew Lisa designer, Lisa Gittens, much like her clothing, is a delight.

At Bene Caribe, we have been so happy to work with Sew Lisa in collaborations like the Rori Wrap Belt, and a fun evening of crafts and martinis called “Creating with cocktails”. This past weekend, we shared the Runway on DAY 2 of Style Week Port if Spain with each other, as well as five other designers from the Caribbean.

The designer, Sew Lisa, with pieces from her new collection

Aside from her radiance, (I’m not overreacting. I promise you, Lisa Gittens is one of the loveliest people I have ever met) this designer commits to creating as little waste as possible from her clothing. Her garments are easy-to-wear sheaths and effortless shifts; fun jumpsuits and relaxed separates. The chill silhouettes support a range of vibrant prints, in a mix of uniform geometrics to random splatterings of all the colours there are. Her signature belt that we have collaborated on, is made out of the excess fabric that won’t fit a full pattern. It results in a mad mix of unlikely combinations, that somehow go together, and with everything.

Sew Lisa for Bene Caribe ‘Rori’ Belts

Since Lisa is a pattern pro, we asked her some advice on mixing prints. Excitedly and effortlessly, she blurted out a dozen lessons, as this comes so naturally to her.

“My first thing would be to say be braver than you think” she begins; a lesson in style and life wrapped into one. “and hold things side by side.” she stresses, as the most important tool would be trusting what you see.

“If you’re doing a top and a bottom, sometimes you need a bridging piece. It may seem crazy to want to add more print, but sometimes a belt that incorporates either a motif or a colour from either the top and the bottom acts as the glue that pulls it all together.”

While her aesthetic is laid back and relaxed simple silhouettes, it is still a complex kaleidoscope of colours and shapes. Her closing words, and true testament to her design approach:

“When in Doubt, add more print!

Lisa Gittens is by definition Caribbean fashion and we love her style. Look out for more Sew Lisa for Bene Caribe coming soon, but in the meantime, please go share some love with her on instagram @sewlisa!



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