Bene Caribe Carnival Styling with Stephanie Ramlogan

Have you ever worked with a stylist? While I like to think I'm a stylish person, I wanted to challenge myself to work with someone with an eye for style to help me use my Bene Caribe pieces in a unique way. I know there are ways to wear our pieces that I had never... Continue Reading →

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Shopping For Your Personality Type!

Our social media manager Safia Ali is here to show you how to match your personality to our Bene Caribe clothing. Check out her tips below!

It’s Giving Tuesday! Time to GIVE Back

Today and tomorrow for ​Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, while you're shopping the many deals, please consider making a donation to one of the many organizations linked below or any other organization for that matter.  While we may volunteer or make donations monthly or once a year, these organizations are doing work EVERY DAY  to support the... Continue Reading →

Crushin’ on Cocoa Vintage

When we sat to think about our Woman Crush Wednesday, we all let out a resounding yes when we mentioned Cocoa Vintage's founder Crystal Antoine Alleyne. Crystal is the artist behind one of Trinidad and Tobago's most adorable miniature sculptures; wearable art in the form of tropical-themed jewelry. Way ahead of her time, Crystal was... Continue Reading →

Why we love Sew Lisa sew much

Lisa Gittens, is a cup of naturally sweetened coconut yogurt on a warm, sunny day. She is a cool breeze, and a light drizzle; a budding orchid and the shiny pink colour of grapefruits. Sew Lisa designer, Lisa Gittens, much like her clothing, is a delight. At Bene Caribe, we have been so happy to... Continue Reading →

Caribbean Sustainable Fashion Is Sexy

When we talk Fashion, the vocabulary is sexy. Everything about shopping, shoes, dressing rooms, models, you name it, the experience is marketed in a very seductive way. The words we use when we see pieces we love all revolve around an element of lust. Our clothes are the closest to our naked bodies, so of... Continue Reading →

A Chat with Ain Earle: The Bald Beauty

In September 2017 we sat with Ain Earle Founder of the Fashion Arch and of the Bald Beauty as she was preparing to build her organization to build awareness about alopecia in Trinidad and Tobago. We’re blown away by Ain’s tenacity in the face of the adversities that face entrepreneurs, and salute her as someone... Continue Reading →

How To Care For Your Batiks

Batik prints are applied to fabric, with some timing and hand-done technique, involving dyes and wax. The results are saturated tones in wavy repeat patterns, now part of formerly blank cotton and silk, and we want them to stay looking that way! Improper care of your batiks can lead to fading. Don't worry too much... Continue Reading →

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